Greetings neighbor!

You know me. I have lived in this district for 38 years and have dedicated my career to making our community a better place to live. I moved to Salinas over 30 years ago to work as a lawyer for farmworkers. I started a non-profit “Partners for Peace” to develop strategies to reduce youth violence. We focused on early childhood education, literacy, afterschool programs, youth employment and strengthening family communication.

I have served as your City Councilmember, Mayor, and State Assemblymember. Five years ago Governor Jerry Brown asked me to serve in his Cabinet to help him reduce California’s $26 billion dollar budget deficit. I worked with the Governor to make the state more efficient, customer service oriented, and fiscally accountable. I loved working with the Governor and helped resolve issues that threatened our community, such as getting state approval for local public school construction projects and improvements, working with local leaders to resolve disability access issues, and helping federal and local authorities make sure contracts were in order for a new Veterans Cemetery at the former Fort Ord.

With encouragement from local leaders I have returned home to finish what I started. I want to stand up for you, and make sure that the needs of our communities are being met. We need someone with experience, who has worked with Governor Brown and knows how to get things done. I am that person. I would be honored to have your vote. You can count on me.

-Anna Caballero


Maricella Cruz, Board Member, Alisal Union School District

I was 22, an ex-gang member in Salinas trying to turn my life around, when I met Anna Caballero. I began working with her as a founding member of the Strengthening Families Program at Anna’s organization, Partners for Peace. I became a certified instructor in the program, helping families reconnect and learn to talk to and support one another. For the first time I felt like I could give something back to the community and help deal with the gang plague that had nearly taken my life. I was growing as a productive member of society. Anna noticed the "diamond in the rough", the potential in me, and gave me an opportunity. Now I work for the Monterey County Office of Education, where today, through the Alternative Education Program, I help point at-risk kids towards college instead of gangs.

Tim McCarthy, Salinas Community Leader

I have known Anna since 1979, and was her partner in our law firm for over twenty-five years. I know her well. Anna brings a wealth of great experience to state and local government. She knows how to get things done. She is smart and savvy, and she is a bridge builder. She is principled and looks for solutions, and she knows how to “reach across the aisle” when it can lead to productive action. I know of no one who would better than Anna to represent us in the California State Assembly. I urge you to join me by voting for Anna Caballero for the State Assembly this June.

Konny Murray, President of the Democratic Women of Monterey County

Anna Caballero's track record makes her the clear choice for California Assembly District 30. I was first impressed by her leadership when she handled a budget crisis as the first woman Mayor of Salinas. As a former librarian I was disappointed Salinas Public Libraries were going to have to close, but Anna lead the effort to save them. She has since championed similar efforts as our Assemblywoman, and Governor Brown's Cabinet Secretary. I am impressed by her creativity and knowledge of how to make government work for her constituents. Anna Caballro is the most qualified candidate running, and most familiar with the district and its needs.

Meet Anna

  • Member of Governor Jerry Brown's Cabinet 2011-2015
  • Former City Council Member and Mayor of Salinas
  • First Elected to the State Assembly in 2006
  • Lifelong Democrat
  • Delivering results for our communities for over 30 years

Anna Caballero has a thirty-year legacy of public service in our community. She graduated from law school and moved to Salinas to provide legal services to farmworkers. Her and her partners made the commitment to open an office in Salinas and Hollister to provide legal services to working families at a reasonable price. She also started a non-profit called Partners in Peace to develop strategies to reduce youth and gang violence. At the request of her housing association she ran for Salinas City Council and served for 7 years; where she focused on affordable housing, strengthening the business and commercial opportunities for growth, the redevelopment of downtown, and providing more parks and recreational space for kids and families. She became the first female Mayor of Salinas in 1998 and raised over $80,00 in private funds to fund the city libraries, and put a ballot measure on the ballot to raise money for essential services during a state budget crisis.

Anna was elected to the State Assembly in 2006 and continued to focus on meeting the needs of local residents. She made it easier for farmers to utilize their land to build farmworker housing, gave local government more time to commit redevelopment dollars to rehabilitate affordable housing units in their communities and created a parks grant incentive for park poor communities who build affordable housing. She facilitated the transfer of state land to a local community to assist in the expansion of the waste water treatment facility, and facilitated in obtaining funds for a water agency to assist in upgrades and much needed technology. She was also able to access much needed gang intervention funds to help reduce gang violence in the region, creating a partnership with the Highway Patrol and the Department of Justice. She voted to extend state student aid to undocumented students applying for citizenship. And she took a 10% pay-cut in her Assembly salary to show solidarity with other government workers whose salary was cut due to the budget.

Most recently, Anna joined the administration of Governor Edmund G. Brown as a cabinet Secretary of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency. Under her leadership, 65 million dollars was allocated to build housing and provide services for homeless veterans, families struggling to make mortgage payments could access assistance to refinance their homes, and new funding criteria was established for affordable housing and sustainable communities, including rural communities, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Her charge as Secretary included the oversight of the largest civil rights department in the country, the protection of consumer rights through the licensing of over 3 million individuals and businesses in California, and the development and maintenance of affordable housing statewide. Governor Brown said Anna Caballero served, "with distinction and a real sense of public service." During her time working with Governor Brown, Anna was the highest-ranking Latina in state government.

Anna has been a tireless advocate for children, families, farmers, veterans, workers, the disabled, seniors and teachers. She has been a mentor to many young local leaders and community activists, many of who now serve in elected office in their cities and counties. Her leadership has inspired generations of young leaders to work hard, and help build a strong community for the future.

Latest News

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey Herald, and Salinas Californian Endorse Anna Caballero!

We recommend a vote for Caballero, largely as a result of her extensive governmental experience. She has served as city councilwoman and mayor of Salinas, as well as in the Legislature. Since her defeat, she has worked closely with Gov. Jerry Brown as California Business Consumer Services and Housing Secretary, establishing the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program. We think that her knowledge of government and her close relationship with the governor will help serve the people of the district well.

– Santa Cruz Sentinel and Monterey Herald

Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta Endorses Anna Caballero!

Coverage from The Salinas Californian

All 5 San Benito County Supervisors Endorse Anna Caballero!

Anna Caballero is the best candidate to represent us in Sacramento. For the past 5 years she has worked side by side with the Governor to turn this state around. She's principled, she's fair, she knows how to deliver results. We're with Anna!

– San Benito County Board Chairman Robert Rivas

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Every Saturday 10am - 2pm, at Anna Caballero for Assembly Campaign Headquarters: 1504 Constitution Blvd., Salinas

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Time of Innocence

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Clean Water as a Right

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Gang Violence

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Veterans Deserve Our Respect and Support

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Right To Water

Anna Caballero has a proven record protecting our water resources. Anna has served our community for thirty years, as Mayor of Salinas, Assemblywoman and Cabinet Secretary for Governor Jerry Brown. She worked on water issues at the local and state level and understands the need for balance between urban and rural water needs. She understands our district feeds the country and water quality and availability is crucial to the local economy.

Anna Caballero believes our first priority must always be clean drinking water for every family. During California's historic drought, water availability has become even more important. Investing in water infrastructure to conserve, store, clean, recycle and reuse storm water and wastewater is critical. Anna wants to use new technology and the best research to ensure all communities have the highest water quality available.

Anna Caballero worked on a bi-partisan committee to solve our water problems. During a Special Session called by the Governor to work on water issues, Anna was the co-author of a statewide bond passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor. The Bond provided money for improvements to the delta, water storage, conservation, cleaning contaminated water, water recycling and desalination and watershed improvements. Anna is the leader we need working for us in Sacramento.


Anna Caballero knows we need good schools to help break the cycle of poverty. As an Assemblywoman in 2010, Anna signed a pledge to prevent any further cuts to education. She also voted to restore over $11.2 billion in funding owed to schools and community colleges. Anna expanded access to Kindergarten and wants to further expand access to early childhood education for low-income children.

Anna Caballero is a strong supporter of our kids and schools. As Mayor, Anna helped save library funding and created programs to reduce childhood asthma rates. She signed a pledge to prevent more school cuts and secured funding to fix schools contaminated with mold and asbestos. We can always count on Anna to protect public schools.

Homelessness and Poverty

Anna Caballero wants to end poverty and homelessness. Through her work with Governor Jerry Brown, Anna helped make housing more affordable for veterans and working families across California. As our Assemblymmber she passed the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act, allocating $300 million for affordable housing and transportation including: $1.1 million for Monterey County, $242,000 for San Benito County, $3.4 million for Santa Clara County, and $702,000 for Santa Cruz County. She also passed a bill allocating $200 million in Park Bonds and incentivizing cities to build affordable housing. But she knows we have so much more to do to help low-income families be successful. Anna wants to expand the affordable housing programs to more veterans and families and provide subsidies for more people to attend community college and increase their earning power.

Anna always stands with hard working families. Civil rights icon and Labor leader Dolores Huerta praised Anna as a hard working public servant who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others. When she first moved in Salinas in the 1970’s, Anna provided legal assistance to farmworkers in need of fair representation. In the Assembly she passed a bill streamlining the creation of farmworker housing, and took a 10% pay-cut in her Assembly salary in order to show solidarity with other government workers whose salaries were being cut.



Anna spent 19 years in the public school system in California and in the end graduated with a law degree from UCLA. Anna knows the value of a good public school education, and that’s why she is a dedicated supporter and has visited over 200 classrooms to encourage students to work hard and dream big. Through her many years of public service, Anna has helped to rebuild crumbling schools, saved libraries from closing, has pledged to prevent further cuts by the state to local schools, expanded access to kindergarten, supported vocational education and voted to extend state student aid to undocumented immigrants who have filed for legal residency. Through MANA, an Association of Mexican American women, she raised scholarship money for young women continuing onto higher education, and as a Rotary member has done the same. Anna will always support our kids, teachers and public education.

Gang Violence-Crime

Anna started Partners for Peace, a non-profit dedicated to developing effective violence prevention strategies by focusing on literacy, early childhood education and strengthening families and children. Anna convened a select committee on youth violence prevention and held hearings all over the state to examine the issues facing cities and rural communities, and the best practices being utilized to reduce crime. Anna also authored a bill that would have exposed parents and other adults to criminal charges if they recruited minors to join a gang, and she helped to secure millions of state funding for gang violence prevention programs. She was awarded the Crime Fighter Award from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California and Legislator of the Year Award from the California State Sheriff's Association. Keeping kids and communities safe is one of Anna’s highest priorities.

Affordable Housing

Creating housing opportunities for families of all income levels is a passion of Anna’s. While on the Salinas City Council she championed an innovative first time home buyers program, a progressive inclusionary housing ordinance, and helped to develop over 2000 affordable housing units in the city. As the Secretary of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency under Governor Jerry Brown, Anna worked to distribute 65 million dollars to reduce veteran homelessness, and to create opportunities for disabled veterans to have housing that is accessible and where they can lead independent lives. Anna worked to establish new funding for affordable housing and community sustainability projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and was an advocate for the inclusion of rural communities in the grant process. Governor Brown said Anna Caballero served, “with distinction and a real sense of public service.” Anna was honored by the League of California Cities Past Presidents in 2015 who awarded her the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her significant and unique contribution to the state or community over an extended period of years.


Anna has lived in a farming community for over thirty years and understands the importance of water to our economy as well as our families and our health. That’s why she has worked to improve local access to water and protect our water quality. During the drought years she traveled throughout the state to learn about regional water issues and to support farmworkers, farmers and small business owners who were affected by the lack of water. She was the co-author of the 2010 water bond legislation entitled “Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010” and worked with Republican colleagues to get the necessary 2/3 votes needed to pass in the legislature. She was on the bipartisan/bicameral committee that wrote and she voted for a series of bills to create a statewide ground water monitoring program, a statewide conservation program, a commitment to improve the delta water supply and restore the ecosystem and to stop illegal water diversions. The American Society of Civil Engineers and the California Water Agencies honored Anna in 2010 for her commitment to improving California’s water system.


Honoring those who have served our nation is important to Anna. She was an early supporter of the development of a Vietnam Veterans Park and Memorial in Salinas, and voted to allocate city resources. As a member of Governor Brown’s administration she ensured that the state approvals necessary for the Veterans cemetery at Fort Ord in Monterey County were completed on time, allowing the project to move forward. As Secretary of Business, Consumer Services and Housing she was instrumental in ensuring that the 65 million dollars to reduce Veteran homelessness was allocated efficiently and statewide. Anna worked to ensure that veterans and their families benefit from affordable, stable housing opportunities as well as drug and mental health counseling, health clinics, disability benefit advocacy, and family and childcare services. As a member of the Governors Interagency Council on Veterans, Anna made sure that the department that licenses professionals in California could count service in the military towards the license requirements, allowing veterans to get a job quickly upon return to civilian service. She also made sure that disabled veterans who owned a small business could get hired by the state so that state contracts could support the veteran owned business.

Woman and Equality

As the first female Mayor of Salinas and the highest-ranking Latina in the Brown administration at the time of her service, Anna has been a trailblazer for women’s right and equal pay for equal work. She received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and the California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League for every year she was in the Assembly. She was given an Award of Excellence by the California State Commission on the Status of Women and the Monterey County Commission on the Status of Women. She has been recognized by the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce earning the “Athena” award for her commitment to community service.


On the Salinas City Council and as Mayor, Anna helped develop a health care project to reduce asthma, diabetes and obesity in local communities and to increase accessibility to quality health care for low-income residents. Understanding that all health issues are related, and that many times residents are afraid to get the exercise they need because of the threat of violence in the community, Anna worked extensively to reduce gang and domestic violence by building partnerships in the community to combat the root causes. She founded Partners for Peace to focus on violence as a public health issue, not a suppression issue. Participants were encouraged to get health check ups, to exercise, eat healthy, and work together to keep the community safe.
Understanding that there is a need for comprehensive healthcare coverage, in the Assembly, Anna voted for single-payer health care. She is proud of the success of Covered California, millions of families and children now have health coverage, but she knows that there is still work to be done. There is a need for more health care providers, more work on education and disease prevention, a need for rural health clinics and clinics located in disadvantaged communities, a higher reimbursement rate for medi-cal and a need to extend coverage to more families.


Join the list of 100+ elected officials and community leaders who already think Anna is the best fit for the job.

  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • San Benito
  • Santa Clara
  • Organizations and Statewide Leaders
San Benito County Elected Officials & Community Leaders
Name Title
Margie BarriosCounty Supervisor
Anthony BotelhoCounty Supervisor
Peggy CorralesMayor of Hollister (ret.)
Jaime De La CruzCounty Supervisor
Karson KlauerCity Council member
Pat LoeCounty Supervisor (Ret)
Mickie LunaCity Council member
Gordon MachadoHazel Hawkins Hospital Board Trustee
Jerry MuenzerCounty Supervisor
Robert RivasCounty Supervisor
Tony RuizGavilan College Trustee (ret.)
Pauline ValdiviaMayor of Hollister (ret.)
Vince LunaLULAC Youth Coordinator
Kathy RuizSBC Democratic Party Member (ret.)
Pat LoeCommunity Leader
Paulina ValdinaExecutive Director of Jovenes de Antano
Sylvia DeLunaALR - Sec. - Post 69
Rosemary (Rosa) ApodacaCommunity Leader
Monterey County Elected Officials & Community Leaders
Name Title
Darlene AcostaKing City City Council member
Noemi ArmentaAlisal School Board member
Fernando ArmentaMonterey County Supervisor
Janet BarnesSalinas City Council member (ret.)
Alejandro ChavezSoledad City Council member
Janet CollinsSalinas City Council member (ret.)
Maricela CruzAlisal School Board member
Robert CullenMayor of King City
Margaret D'ArrigoSalinas Valley Memorial Hospital Trustee
Gloria De la RosaSalinas City Council member
Gary Gary KarnesAlisal Union School District Trustee (ret.)
Joe GunterMayor of Salinasx
Sonia JaramilloGonzales School Board member
Mike LeBarreKing City City Council member
Fred LedezmaMayor of Soledad
Jyl LutesSalinas City Council member
Robert OcampoSalinas City Council member (ret.)
Maria OrozcoMayor of Gonzales
Erica Padilla ChavezHartnell Community College Trustee
Jane ParkerMonterey County Supervisor
Judy PennycookMonterey County Supervisor (ret.)
John PhilipsMonterey County Supervisor
Dave PotterMonterey County Supervisor
David PrendergrassMayor of Sand City
Demetrio PrunedaTeacher (ret.) & former Hartnell Community College Trustee
Ralph RubioMayor of Seaside
Aurelio Salazar JrHartnell Community College Trustee
Simon SalinasMonterey County Supervisor
Parveen SharmaHazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Trustee
Liz SilvaGonzales Mayor Pro Tem
Alan StylesSalinas Mayor (ret.)
Phillip TaberaSalinas High School Board Trustee
Janet WohlgemuthMonterey County Board of Education Trustee
Mike AntleTanimura and Antle
Rick AntleTanimura and Antle
Herb AronsCommunity Leader
Rolando CabreraDoctor
Ricky CabreraSalinas Community Leader
Don ChapinDon Chapin Company
Carina ChavezSalinas Community Leader
Carl ChristensenCommunity Leader
Maximiliano CuevasDoctor
Peter DelgadoCEO Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
Lily DiazSalinas Community Leader
Brian FineganSalinas Community Leader
Susie FranklinPresident & Founder, Franklin Legacy Fund
Kurt GollnickScheid Vineyards
Harold KahnSuperintendent of Spreckels School District (ret.)
Kathleen KahnPrincipal Salinas City Elementary School District (ret,)
Laurie KosterMann Packing
Tony LombardoSalinas Community Leader
Marian MartinezCommunity Leader
Taffra MayoCoach/Consultant
Candy McCarthySalinas Community Leader
Timothy McCarthySalinas Community Leader
Manuel OsorioOsorio
Judy PennycookPennycook
Eric PetersonSalinas Community Leader
Sally PrunedaTeacher (ret.)
Pablo RomeroDoctor
Pat RomeroSalinas Community Leader
Glorietta RowlandSalinas Community Leader
Charlie SammuntSalinas Community Leader
Peter ShahSalinas Community Leader
Laura SolorioDoctor
Robet ThorntonSalinas Community Leader
Priscilla WaltonMonterey Community Leader
Harry WardwellBoard Member, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
Elizabeth WinchesterDirector of Development, Planned Parenthood Mira Monte
Santa Clara Elected Officials & Community Leaders
Name Title
Don GageMayor of Gilroy
Mark W. GoodGilroy Unified School District School Board Trustee
Peter Leroe-MunozGilroy City Council
Santa Cruz County Elected Officials & Community Leaders
Name Title
Greg CaputCounty Supervisor
Jeff OrsinoPajaro Valley school trustee
Nick RiveraSanta Cruz DCC & Watsonville Planning Commission
Steve TrujilloSanta Cruz School Board Trustee (Ret), Watsonville City Personnel Commission
Ken AdelmanCommunity Leader
Gabrielle AdelmanCommunity Leader
Marilee AlagaCommunity Leader
Mike JohnstonCommunity Leader
Skip MaysSchool Administrator (ret.)
Heidi PerlmutterCommunity Leader
Murry SheckmanWatsonvile High School Principal (Ret.)
Lorraine StuckiCommunity Leader
Ronald WestleyRetired, California Vietnam War Veterans
Cheryl WestleyCommunity Leader
Organizations and Statewide Leaders
Dolores Huerta, Civil Rights Icon and Labor Leader
Alice Huffman, President, California NAACP
Gwen Moore, California Assemblymember (ret.)
California Charter Schools Association
California Nurses Association PAC
California Applicants' Attorney's Association
California Professional Firefighters
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN)
Democratic Women of Monterey County
Equality California
Evolve, A Community Organization
Monterey County Medical Society
Salinas Professional Firefighters Association 1270
Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors
Teamsters Local 890
Teamsters Public Affairs Council
The GLBT Alliance of Santa Cruz County
The Monterey Herald
The Salinas Californian
The Santa Cruz Sentinel
UFCW Local 5